How to survive a city trip when it rains

city trip when it rains

We’ve all been there. You are super excited for your city trip and then you look at the weather. It’s going to rain for three days straight. There goes your enthusiasm. I’ll share with you my tips for staying happy during your city trip when it rains.

I’m currently in Copenhagen (Denmark) and it’s been raining all day long. These are my tips for surviving your city trip when it rains:

  • Start your day by remembering why you are in this city and what you want to see. It’s important to keep this in mind. Maybe you want to just explore the city or check out the museums. You can still do everything that is on your list if you stay positive. Check the weather report on your phone and try to adjust your schedule to the forecast (if you have a schedule, I normally don’t). If you have some museums planned do them while it’s raining.
  • Dress in layers. If it’s raining you are going to get wet, even if you use an umbrella. So wear a t-shirt, with a blouse and some thermic underclothing if it’s cold. A scarf is the most essential clothing piece for me! Always wear shoes that are waterproof!
  • Take a (hot) shower break before you go to bed. You’ll forget all the rain and your hair will look better afterwards.
  • Take more breaks so you can get dry. Enjoy a chai latte in a hip spot, have a coffee in a skybar, …
    Instead of eating 2 big meals, try eating small bites at different places. This way you’ll find some really cool spots in the city to tell your friends about and you tastes most of the local delicacies.
  • The last one is definitely the most important one. Don’t let the weather ruin your mood or trip!


  • Love the tip to eat small bites at different places! In addition to the last one: don’t feel tempted to stay in (and complain for the rest of the day); it won’t help. When I was in Amsterdam, it was freezing cold and raining. I just did everything I planned to and had a great time in the end! Once in warm pyjamas and bed, the rain was forgotten already ;-)

  • Love the tips! I always find it such a bummer when it’s raining and you’re in a beautiful city, but we shouldn’t let it ruin anything!! The city is still beautiful, and there are also probably plenty of things to do inside. Great article :)

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