5 must do’s in Copenhagen

Must do in Copenhagen

As you all know Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. I recently stayed 3 days there when it was raining almost all the time. You can find my tips to survive a city trip like that here. Today I list my top 5 must do’s in Copenhagen for you.

1. tivoli park (by night)

Must do in Copenhagen tivoli park

I’m a huge fan of lights. It makes everything look more beautiful and it creates a cozy feeling. So I would recommend to go by night. I had the change to be there around Christmas time so it was even more wonderful.

2. torvehallerne (food court)

They say it is a super market and not a supermarket. Every type of food that you can think of like tapas, fish, meat, vegetables, sushi, … it’s all there! You will find more than 60 different stands. At some you can take a seat and have a quick bite to eat. I noticed that in Copenhagen they have a lot of places with organic food. I’m a fan!

3. nyhavn

nyhaven must do Copenhagen

Everyone knows the houses in all different colors but try to take some small streets that are connect to Nyhavn. Explore the many coffee shops/bars/restaurants in this neighborhood. You’ll find the best chai latte in Copenhagen or maybe a cool interior design shop.

4. rundetaarn or round tower

Must do in Copenhagen

You’ll find the round tower at Købmagergade 52A. The 17th century tower and observatory is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe. The observatory is encircled by an outdoor platform from which you have a magnificent view of the old part of Copenhagen. The entrance fee is around 25 DKK.

Must do in Copenhagen

5. parks / gardens

Must do in Copenhagen

There are a lot of hidden treasures in Copenhagen. Parks and gardens are one of them. Go for a stroll in  go for a stroll in the King’s Garden. There is even a botanical garden. The parks and gardens are even in winter perfect for a walk in the park.

Q: what is your must do in Copenhagen?


  • Hands up for Tivoli! I was there around Christmas too, to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The lights in the evening are magical indeed; cozy and romantic! Can’t believe I missed the Rundetaarn and observatory… No other option than going back ;-)

  • Awesome tips! Deze zomer bezoek ik Zweden, waarbij we als eerst stoppen in Malmö. We wilden Kopenhagen dan ook bezoeken, dus dit komt helemaal goed. ;’D

    • Ja, ik zou Kopenhagen ook echt meenemen op je trip! Ik vond het echt heel leuk daar. Je gaat het daar zeker naar je zin hebben Kim.

  • Yes to all of them! These are some great choices!
    I was born in Copenhagen and have spent a lot of time there over the years, so I always get excited when I see someone writing about that gorgeous city! :)

  • We loved our visit to Copenhagen! Tivoli was awesome and we experienced it both during the day and again at night. My top recommendation for visitors to the Danish capital is simply get out and walk around…of course ensuring that you avoid all the bicycles everywhere, which on its own is a nice feature of the city. Nyhavn is beautiful and we took a cruise around the city from that spot. Don’t forget to walk along the front and check out the Little Mermaid statue, it’s smaller than we imagined!

    • Thank you Chris for you detailed tips! It’s quite tricky to avoid all the bicycles. I was there in winter as you’ve seen so it was alright. I can imagine in summer, more bics than people!
      The little mermaid isn’t in my top 5 because I was so disappointed.

  • I have done these things! I love Copenhagen. There is so much beauty all around. I am looking forward to going back!

  • Very nice, I believe Copenhagen is not the most inexpensive place to hit up but it sure does sound and look pretty!

    Tivoli does look nice too but I would be more interested in visiting the observatory …looks interesting inside…

  • Hi Stephanie.
    WOW! Tivoli Park at night looks so awesome!
    The way you are describing all the foods, it is 250 in the night here and I am getting hungry.
    Great post.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Wow! Copenhagen looks so nice. I am especially interested in the torvehallerne. It’s these kinds of places that I miss so much about Europe…

  • Ok, you convinced me, I need to go to Copenhagen. The lights in the Tivoli garden look awesome. And I would not mind eating out in the food court :)

  • I’ve never been to Copenhagen and actually don;t know that much about it to be honest. All these things look and sound great though. Hopefully I’ll get there one day to see for myself.

  • Stephanie! Perfect timing for me to find your blog. Planning a few days in Copenhagen in August and having nothing set yet. Added your post to my Pinterest planning board so I’ll remember your suggestions! Thanks! Sheila

  • I visted Copenhagen last in the summer of 2014. I am sure there will be more trips to this city. I would reccomend a sightseeing boat tour, at least if you are there in the summertime. Got to see several of the sights from the canals and some info on the way from the guide :)

    • Thank you Anita for your tip! I really want to do that another time because now it was and rainy and cold! :D So to stay on a boat would be that fun. Next time I’m going to try to go in spring. I guess that’s the perfect time for a boat trip!

  • Nice post and beautiful pictures! I never been to Copenhagen, not even to Denmark but it looks awesome and it’s definitely on my wishlist :-) But there is soo much on my list already, haha…

    • Haha Bart, I know the feeling. I feel like my list is only getting longer instead of shorter. That’s no problem. Still so many days to do all of that. Denmark should be on your list ;)

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