Dental whitening with Crest and Pranarom



This is one of the most asked questions from my friends. “How do you get your teeth so white and shiny?” Well, I do 3 things to get that kind of result. I went from a shade 13 to a shade 4.

I have to see something before I believe it is going to work. After reading a lot about Crest whitening strips I ordered them online. You can’t buy them in Belgium, so I had to get them online. I have the professional effects (you have more than 5 different types of strips!). I used them for 10 days, 30 min a day. What a difference 10 days can make! I was so happy that I asked for 10 more. I now do them once a month to keep them this white. If you want a how-to-use explanation just ask me!



For everyday use I clean my teeth with an electronic brush and 2 types of oils. I just put them on top of my toothpaste. I use the Citrus limon & Melaleuca alternifolia (tea-tree). 1 drop of each is enough to clean and make them a little lighter. They are biological and there is no risk to put them in your mouth. (At least I didn’t notice anything! :)) It is a brand from Belgium.

Citron limon: It is known for it’s antibacterial • antiseptic • antiviral properties.

Tea-tree: It is known for it’s powerful broad-spectrum antibacterial • fungicide • parasiticide • antiviral and immune stimulant properties.

I even like brushing my teeth more with than without the oils. If you have weaker teeth be carefull with the Crest white strips. Sometimes they can hurt. The third thing I do has something to do with oil as well. I’ll tell you in another post!


P.S. What do you use/do something to clean your teeth? 


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