10 things I’ve learned through traveling

10 things I've learned through traveling

Every trip enriches you with great memories and stories. But you also learn a lot through traveling. Do you remember that time you’ve got completely lost and discovered that hidden terrace or saw this cute hotel that doesn’t even have a website? Here are 10 things I do to help me find those things while traveling the globe!

  1. Connect with people wherever you go. Participate in their culture, learn their history. Be a traveler in their country, not a tourist.
  2. Have faith in people, even in a dangerous country, trust the good in people, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear
  3. Get lost. The most amazing things happen when you have no idea where you’re going and when you fully step outside of your comfort bubble! Only this way you will be able to find the secrets every location has to offer.
  4. Spend your money! I know this sounds naive, but when you’re traveling, visit everything you want, eat everything you want, drink (almost) everything you want to! This may be your only chance to get everything you possibly can from this new place, so make the most of it! For me experiences are more valuable than money.
  5. Always learn some basic phrases/words of the native language if you’re going to a new country. Even if you’re bad at it, it’s always a conversation starter!
  6. Get out of your hotel room even when you’re tired–you won’t get another chance.

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  1. Don’t overplan your trip. Be flexible! Leave some room for spontaneous explorations. Change your plans when it’s not what you had in mind. Normally I only book my hotel for the first two nights. All the other nights I plan when I’m in the country and I had the chance to talk to some locals. Sometimes you’ll end up in a strange place but mostly it turns out for the best.
  2. Travel with great friends, or someone you love. Not with a person that gets you frustrated.
  3. Be thankful. There is nothing like the gratitude I have to be able to do what I love and get out there and see the world. The more gratitude = the more amazing things will come your way!
  4. Put your smile on! Always, everywhere! It’s universal. Plus, when you’re traveling, what is there not to smile about? Except when you missed your flight to the next destination. Still smile at the person who is trying to help you find a new route, maybe even a better one than before ;)

Q: What did you learn while traveling?

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  • Coulnd’t agree more with all of these! Especially that smile and learning a few words in the local language always takes you far and getting lost is my favourite passtime when traveling. :)

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