Learning Dutch: introducing yourself

Learning Dutch

A big part of traveling is trying to make a connection with locals. I always try to learn some basic vocabulary before I leave to a new destination. For now I know some basic words in Spanish, Portuguese and Deutsch. In school I also learned English and French. 

It’s hard to find good videos where you can learn a new language especially when you want to learn Dutch. I get a lot of questions regarding lessons and how to pronounce some difficult words. That’s why I started a new series on YouTube called ‘learning Dutch with Stephanie’. I included the first video here where I will be teaching you how to introduce yourself in Dutch. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


  • Cool idea! I try to learn a few basic words / phrases (depending on the difficulty of the language…) when I stay in a place longer than a few days. I’ve used videos to do that and have found them quite helpful. Currently battling with basic (very basic) Vietnamese but the pronunciation is killing me! Sounds like dutch is a bit easier – at least for Germans.

    • Dutch for Germans is much easier. They have a lot of the same ‘words’ and the pronunciation is the same. I guess Vietnamese is very hard. How are you doing so far?

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