Life goals

                 “When goals become your lifestyle – Stephanie Smolders”

Some people call it a ‘bucket list’, others ’10 things to do before you die or turn 30′ (not in that order). We call it goals, life goals.
If there is one thing we learned over the years it is to follow your dreams and make every day count! You only have one life so let’s start following our dreams.

What is your number 1 goal?

Travel goals

1. move to a different country
2. climb the steps of the mayan ruins
3. go to Ireland
4. visit London
5. visit Maimi
6. relax on a beach at Cabo
7. Experience the Grand Canyon
8. write a letter on Juliet’s wall in Verona, Italy
9. shop in New York
10. go on a cruise
11. eat at the hello kitty café (Seoel, Japan)
12. spend a day at the beach in Bora Bora
13. shark island , Sydney – Australia
14. touch the pink water at lac rose, Senegal
15. take pictures in Amsterdam
16. feel the energy at Taj Mahal, India
17. Corsica
18. see the aurora borealis
19. go to Berlin
20. visit Venice
21. travel first class
22. tango dancing in Buenos Aires – Argentina
23. tea ceremony in Japan
24. Live in a different country than Belgium for more than 2 months

Personal goals

1. write a book (hardcover)
2. publish & sell an ebook
3. keep a journal for all 365 days of the year //start in november 2015//
4. speak and understand Spanish
5. create a small library of my own
6. create a video and put it online
7. graduate and get my BA as a teacher

8. Speak at a business, tech, leadership, or web conference
9. learn the basics of photography
10. eating vegan for a month
11. help 5 people with accomplish a life goal
12. have a little conversation in Portuguese
13. minimize caffeine – No Coffee and Black Tea //in progress since 01/01/2015//
14. complete a 5K competitive run race //2013: Dwars door Hasselt//
15. lose five kilos in one year //in progress since 01/01/2015//
16. meet Brooke Saward from
17. meet Casey Neistat
18. writing a letter to my 5 year older self
19. Create a visionboard on paper
20. Inspire 3 people to create their dream life

Experience goals

1. go dog sledding
2. go scuba diving
3. have a romantic picnic on a beach
4. go a day without using any technology
5. be a maid of honor in a wedding
6.  sleep in a tree house (tree camping)
7. post a YouTube video that generates 1000 views
8. go on a meditation retreat
9. public speaking internationally
10. practice yoga for a week
11. walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain (or half)
12. learn to dance salsa
13. go paddle boarding
14. don’t brush my hair for a week //every beachtrip started from Tunisia//
15. ride a tandem bike
16. learning how to play the piano
17. hot-air balloon ride
18. learning how to surf

Financial goals

1. purchase a loft or condo
2. create financial freedom: enough passive income to cover all my expenses
3. save €20.000

Business goals

1. 1000+ unique visitors on
2. one year of weekly blog writing
3. become a life coach / motivational speaker
4. become a writer
5. host an event for 300+ people
6. be the CEO of my own company