I never thought I would go to Montenegro, but I’m glad I did. It’s an amazing country with the craziest roads I’ve ever seen. If you are planning (or want to plan) a trip to Montenegro, here is what I know.

How to get there? You can easily take a flight (Ryanair) for about 70 euros.
How Long? I stayed a week and it’s more than enough to see the coastal area.
Hotel? Iberostar Bellevue (Budva area)
Must do: rent a car and explore!

Cities I’ve visited


– Podgorica (capital)
The airport is located in Podgorica and while you are there you can visit the millenium bridge.

– Cetinje (former capital)
There is this incredible monastery. The monk there invited us in after hours and showed us around. Definitely the best tour in a monastery so far!

– Port of Montenegro
It’s a new port with some very luxurious ships! After a quick stroll you’ve seen everything and the parking is quite expensive too.

– Budva
The old town of Budva is well worth the visit. Go wander off in the little typical streets. There is also a citadel which you can visit for about 2,50 euros.

– Sveti Stefan
This is a well-known resort close to Budva. It does look like a city and it’s the perfect location to take pictures. If you go down to the beach in front of the resort you’ll find a path to a small private area. Oh, and try to park your car on the street. It saves you the costs of the parking.


Montenegro kotor

– Kotor
This is by far the best activity I did in Montenegro. You can visit Kotor’s old town, but the real deal is the way up to the fort of Kotor. You’ll pay around three euros (before a specific time and after sundown you can enter for free) to take a two hour walk up this mountain. Breathtaking views and the rewarding feeling afterwards make it worth your energy.

Montenegro Bar

– Bar
As Montenegro is full of old towns Bar is by far worth a visit. You’ll find little, typical restaurants (delicious) the walk up to the old town. For two euros you can visit the ruins of the old city and take in a view where you can even see the sea from far!

– Herceg Novi
They say it looks like Dubronik (Croatia) but than a lot more cheap. I have to say I like Herceg Novi more than Dubrovnik. I always liked the underdog, so even here that’s the case. Just taking a stroll and enjoying the sun, there is not much more that I need.


– Perast
On the way to Herceg Novi you’ll see signs for Perast. Here you can take a taxi boat to a small island. There is not much more on the island than a church, but it is a tourist attraction. We bumped in a local who happened to have a boat and was willing to drive us. We payed about 10 euros for two persons to go and come back.

To end this post I would like to say that you can never imagine how a trip is going to play out. Just go and enjoy the memories you are making along the way. Thank you Montenegro for being this beautiful!


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