VIDEO: road trip through Scandinavia

road trip scandinavia

Here are some shots from my road trip through Scandinavia. You’ll see Copenhagen – Stockholm and Norway. I hope you enjoy and get inspired to travel to Scandinavia.

Let me know in the comments where I can improve!


  • Cool video! And wow… what a blast from the past for me. I think it was 2009 when I last visited that ice bar. ? #nostalgia

  • I don’t know how helpful these comments are going to be as my experience of making videos is pretty limited, and I’ve only been to Iceland of the Scandinavian countries. But I liked the way you mixed ‘raw’ footage with footage overdubbed by music. Most people seem to do either/or, so it was refreshing to see a mix of both :-)

    • Any feedback is welcome Joe! So thank you for your advice. I try to mix things up and keep in mind the things I like to see as a viewer and not as a maker :) So I hope that helped by making this.

  • I’ve tried to make a few videos before buuuttt they aren’t too empressive – haha. Being on camera and documenting your travels through video takes practise, so my only advice to you would be to just stick that camera up infront your face and get used to it and comfortable with the art of vlogging (which you already seem to be btw!) – also at public places (:

    Ps. Next time you visit Denmark, spend time in Jutland!!! (;

  • I’m looking at moving into videos too, it’s not an easy thing to do at all – many people think you just press record and get ready to upload – then you start editing, and it takes hours, days!!

    Keep them coming Stephanie!

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