A Geek’s Guide To Travel: the tech in my bag

The tech I travel with Fabio

Traveling as a women and as a man is different. Men love gadgets and women, well don’t really care. I also take a lot of tech, but not as much as my male equivalent. So I was looking for a detailed, informative post about what tech you can take while you travel. My (geeky) friend Fabio from LetsTalk-Tech.com and fabmeetsworld.com writes about tech and loves to travel. This was a match made in heaven, for this website :). He is a passionate Portuguese geek based in London.

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A Geek’s Guide To Travel: the tech in my bag

As much as I love to travel light, there are always some bits of technology I absolutely need to carry with me wherever I go — whether it’s to quad bike the coastline of Morocco or take a city break in Madrid.

Like the necessities of underwear, I need to have some of these items in order to make my travels work. (Don’t judge me.) So without wasting too much time, let’s get straight into it: this is the technology I take in my bag!

Power banks / Battery packs

the tech I travel with Power Bank

Power banks should be #1 on any packing list! Let’s face it, all of our technology — especially smartphones — are dependent on their average batteries to get through the day. So, with power banks you can take as many photos & videos as you want without worrying about how much juice is left.

Action Camera

KitVision 4KW Action Cam

Action cameras like a GoPro or KitVision 4KW give you a dedicated way to record your adventures instead of using your phone. They often come with wide-angle lenses which allow you to capture more of your surroundings, plus they’re very lightweight and compact. Personally, I use the KitVision 4KW. It’s not the best 4K camera you’ll use but it records awesome 1080p video and it’s very affordable.

Smartphone lenses


If you’re set on using your smartphone to take photos and record stuff while you’re away, lenses from brands like olloclip are highly recommended. This lens simply slides over the top of your phone and you can use it to create different effects in your photos. For example the olloclip 4-in-1 lens has a wide-angle lens, fish eye lens, and two macro lenses for sharp close-ups. It’s a lot of fun to use and creates some really cool looking shots. No one will know that those pictures are just from your phone!


Jabra Revo Wireless

The Jabra Revo Wireless headphones are my preferred choice for Bluetooth headphones – I hate wires! They work over Bluetooth and pack a serious bass-punch, plus I love that they have a bunch of controls right on the ear-cup, so you don’t always need to use your phone to control your music. I usually carry my Apple EarPods too as a lighter, emergency backup.

Bluetooth speakers

UE Megaboom

If you’re going away on more of a party vibe, there are a couple of awesome Bluetooth speakers I’d recommend: both by a company called Ultimate Ears.

First off, the UE Megaboom is a beast of a speaker that I took away on our family holiday to Portugal last summer. It was our only speaker blasting music by the pool in our rented villa and we didn’t need anything else; it was loud, clear and very tough. We even threw it into the water to test its waterproofing. (It survived.) For something more portable & compact though, check out the UE Roll.

A solid bag

TYLT Energi+ Backpack

The TYLT Energi+ backpack isn’t the cheapest bag you’ll find at $170, but it’s got all the compartments you could possibly need for your travels. From a hard-shell compartment for sunglasses, micro-fibre lining for the tablet pouch, a dedicated laptop compartment, and even a cable management system so you can charge your tech on the go — this thing is fully equipped to help you travel. TYLT even include a 10,400 mAh battery that you can strap into a dedicated sleeve in the bag.

Have I missed anything?

These are the main things you’ll find in my bag when I travel, but I’m mainly curious about what YOU take away with you. Inspire me in the comments!


  • Indispensable for hostel travelling is an extended charging cable for your phone. At least if you want to keep your most expensive peace of equipment close with you while snoring.. ?

    • Haha, good point Kristof!

      If you don’t have a long enough cable though, you could also just use a battery pack to keep close to you, while a 2nd one charges up overnight.

    • Ha Kristof! Yes, true. Especially when you’re going to walk the Camino. In need of some good gear to keep you company while walking ;)

    • Fabs, thanks for writing for ‘me’ ;). I know I’m not the easiest to work with but it was fun. Looking forward to the next ‘work’ skypemeetings!

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